Rampant Lion

    The digital imagery on this website, consisting of ~ 32,000 individual
    ortho-photos, was collected by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) during
    Project Rampant Lion I (June-August, 2006). The project was a cooperative
    research program conducted by NRL and the US Geological Survey, and
    primarily funded by the Government of Afghanistan with some additional
    support from the Office of Naval Research and other US Government agencies
    (see the attached preprint article describing the project, sensors, and data
    acquisition).  NRL encourages users to download and make use of these
    ortho-photos, but by doing so, the user agrees that all rights to the
    photos, including commercial resale or incorporation into commercial
    products for sale, resides jointly with the governments of Afghanistan and
    the United States.  The user further agrees to attach this restriction to
    any subsequent redistribution of the original photos, or products derived
    from the photos.

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